Storm Strength & Fitness

Adult Performance Training Gym

Storm Strength & Fitness is a performance gym that specializes in training for athletes and active adults. We also feature basic gym memberships & private training.





Adult Group Training

Active adults - looking for a new way to train?  Check us out!  Train like an athlete and find yourself feeling more flexible, stronger, faster and leaner!  Let us help you hit the waves with more strength and stamina or hit the sand courts with more power in your swing and a quicker first step to the ball.  Training will also lower your risk of injury to give you more uptime to enjoy whatever your game or activity of choice is!


  • 60 minute sessions led by one of our coaches  
  • Small class sizes (typically 6 or fewer people) for a more personal coaching experience
  • Three different programs weekly (Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3)
  • Program series rotate every few weeks to keep it interesting!

Classes typically consist of a warm-up, a mobility & agility portion, a strength portion & end with a metabolic conditioning circuit that will torch calories.

Change up your routine and try it today!  

Adult Group Class Times:  

6:15 am (M,W, F)

12 pm (M, W, F)

6:30 pm (M, T, W, Th, F)

9 am (Sat)