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Youth & Adult Performance Training Gym

Storm Strength & Fitness is a sports performance gym that specializes in small group  training for middle-school, high-school & collegiate athletes as well as active adults.  We also feature team training, private training & basic gym memberships. 

Performance Training Programs

Storm Strength & Fitness offers training programs that are tailored for athletes. Our core programs are designed for middle school, high school, and collegiate athletes as well as teams. Training in small groups ensures maximum one-on-one attention.  Programs typically range from 8 to 12 weeks in length.  Testing is conducted at the beginning and end of each program such that athletes can have measureable results of the gains they will see while training with us!

Performance Gym Layout - 5, 500 sq. ft. including training turf!

Performance Gym Layout - 5, 500 sq. ft. including training turf!

Program Highlights:

SPEED -  Acceleration, Deceleration, Linear & Lateral Movement Techniques

EXPLOSIVE POWER -  Plyometrics, Medicine Ball, Jumping & Landing Techniques

STRENGTH - Functional Approach, Focus on Upper & Lower Body

FLEXIBILITY - Foam Rolling, Stretching, Muscle Activation

INJURY REDUCTION - Identify & Correct Muscular Imbalances, Stabilization

Youth Training Programs - View Current Programs

Foundation Program (7th, 8th, 9th grade):  In this stage, athletes have discovered the importance of developing neuromuscular patterns. Athletic fundamentals begin to be developed and directed towards athletic skill application in our Middle School program. This program focuses on progressing and maintaining athletic movement while refining and ingraining fundamental skills of speed, agility, and power. This repeated practice leads to permanent and positive athletic change.

The inclusion of formal Strength and Power training during 60-minute sessions provides benefits in two ways.  First, proper movement techniques with increased force production lead to maximized potential. Second, as athletes naturally increase in height, weight, strength and aggressiveness, the need for improved joint integrity is vital for reducing the chance of injury.

Prep Program (10th, 11th, 12th grade):  Most athletes in this age group have developed neuromuscular patterns and the fundamental skills of speed, agility, and power. For the High School level athlete, technique is fine-tuned, and the final pieces to build the total athlete are provided. In essence, each athlete is better according to their biggest areas of improvement. During 90-minute sessions, training begins to resemble sporting demands. The High School programs focus on repeated application of learned athleticism to create a great understanding. We provide endless combinations of athletic skill training so competing in the game can seem effortless. In addition, focus on Strength and Power increases with moderate and heavy loads to optimize power output.

Collegiate/Professional - Contact Storm for pricing & scheduling

Storm Strength & Fitness programs for collegiate & professional athletes are designed to provide peak physical stimuli that push the absolute limitations of elite athletic performance. Due to the customized and maximal intensity nature, recovery and regeneration methods are implemented. Our programs place the highest emphasis on applied and measurable performance, secondarily fine-tuning movement. Timelines to reach goals and exceed expectations are accelerated for this athletic population due to the associated competitive schedules and real-time demands. 

Team Training - Contact Storm for pricing & scheduling

Our Team Training programs are designed to deliver a challenging workout that is organized, educational, progressive, and customized for entire sports teams. Training sessions can be performed at the team's training facility or at our location. The training session will focus primarily on linear speed and multi-directional skill development. Team Training programs are built to be sport-relevant with medicine ball strengthening, bodyweight-resisted power development, energy system development, and speed ratios that apply directly to specific sport demands, along with an emphasis on Strength and Power.

Private Training - Contact Storm for pricing & scheduling

Storm Strength & Fitness provides private training for clients who may need a more customized plan or prefer training in a 1:1 environment.  Please contact us to schedule an assessment and develop a plan to meet your needs.  Pricing is very competitive with rates as low as $40/session.